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Radish Microgreen Varieties

So many Radish Microgreens to choose from Radish microgreens are one of the most popular microgreens to grow and there are many reasons for that. Super easy to grow Big flavor for a small green Many colors to choose from So many uses (Salads,… Continue Reading “Radish Microgreen Varieties”

Kale Microgreens

The Various Kale Microgreens Recently I ran a experiment with 4 different kinds of kale microgreens from True Leaf Market a company I use exclusively for my seeds. What I found was a bit surprising, watch the the video below to see the entire experiment… Continue Reading “Kale Microgreens”

Rainbow Beet Microgreens

Microgreens are largely used to set dishes apart with their bright colors, powerful flavors and beautiful features

The Best Microgreens

I often get people asking me what the best microgreens to grow are. The answer isn’t as simple as some would like. The only way to give a good answer is to ask why are you asking? In this post I will cover the… Continue Reading “The Best Microgreens”

Amazing Microgreens Begin With Quality Seeds

Our seed source is critical, here’s why Germination Rates The germination rate of seeds is extremely important when growing Microgreens. At Brabant Farms we grow to order, this means we need to know exactly how much product we will grow with a given amount… Continue Reading “Amazing Microgreens Begin With Quality Seeds”

Freshness Matters

Here at Brabant Farms, quality is our #1 priority. Here is a brief description of how we grow such high quality Microgreens.

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